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Welcome to SFWcelebs. Our mission is to bring you all the latest and greatest in non-nude “safe for work” hot celebrity news, gossip, and social media goings on of the hot celebrity sexy babes you all love. Who are we kidding? This is all about looking at comely actresses, singers, and social media influencers BUT (not this butt ) we REFUSE to post any nudity here!

If you are looking for that kind of smut we might know a guy who knows a guy who has a link to some hot nude celebs. Again, who are we kidding? We ARE that guy! But we have to warn you: If you follow a link out of here expect to see some of that not safe for work celebrity nudity or even links or ads to other adult material. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Here on SFW celebs you will find plenty of classy images of dignified celebrities in beautiful evening wear with their nipples imprisoned and similar attire you expect from gorgeous Hollywood royalty and upstanding young IG thots.

You want hot bikini babes and workout inspiration? We got ’em!


If you are looking for that smut, we have to recommend our sister site that is NOT safe for work! If you go to any of these nsfw links, you better be a grown adult and promise us you won’t suffer a heart attack or other health maladies from watching hot young ladies work out in the flesh, perform nude yoga, and all kinds of other hot disgusting acts!

Our friends at NSFW Celebs have all the details on the hot Only Fans star Bella Thorne and her workout partner renowned IG ass exerciser Jen Selter, among many other not safe for work workout techniques.

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